Friday, February 21, 2020
A Place of Grace

Feed My Sheep Ministry

"Do you love Me? . . . . . Jesus said 'Feed My Sheep'."
                                                                                         John 21:17
FEED MY SHEEP is an outreach ministry of FBC Loeb
that helps meet the physical, as well as,
spiritual needs of people in our community.
We have sponsored such outreach programs as
Back Yard Bible Clubs, Back-to-School Clothing Drive,
Sponsoring a child to attend Mother’s Day Out
and maintaining our Food Pantry.
     You can help feed a child each weekend during the 2019-2020
school year through our "BACKPACK PROGRAM"  $150.00 sponsors a
child for the entire school year.  Any sized donation is greatly
appreciated.  Mark your donations "BACKPACK".
     This program has grown from sending home meals for 20
children the first year we began, to 100 children in this our
eighth year.
     The food we send home for the weekend with these children
may mean they don't go hungry.
 MDO Sponsor
Sponsoring a child so they are able to
attend our Mother’s Day Out Program. 
We are sponsoring one child for 
this school year.
     We want to encourage everyone to find a
place to serve. It will give you incredible
joy while you show others Jesus’ love for
them. Feed My Sheep has many on-going
projects that you can get involved with.
We invite everyone in the church to get involved in sharing
Jesus' love in our community.  You can help by . . .
♦  Giving a monetary donations to help with the cost of the food, etc . . .
(please mark donations 'Feed My Sheep')
♦  Help pack the food on the first Monday of each month.  
♦  Pray for this ministry and the lost sheep we hope to reach
♦  Give monetary donations for MDO sponsorship
For questions or more information, contact the church office
          "Do you not say, "There are still months, 
                      then comes the harvest'?
Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields,
          for they are already white for the harvest!
                                                                    John 4:35