Friday, September 04, 2015
A Place of Grace
     Welcome to FBC Loeb.  Thank you for your interest in our church.  We hope this website will be a helpful tool to assist you in learning more about our church. 
     Our church is a loving family of believers that enjoys passionate worship of God and sweet fellowship with one another.  If you have any questions about our church as you browse this website, please feel free to give us a call at 755-4595.
Bro. Mark Smith     
**Proposed Amendment to Church Constitution and By-Laws**

Proposal to amend Article V, Section B – Regular Church Business Meetings in order to change the day of the week for regular church business meetings from the second Wednesday night of each month to the second Sunday night of each month. It is hereby proposed that the word “Wednesday” be deleted from the paragraph in Article V, Section B and substituted with the word “Sunday”. Specifically, the proposed amendment as adopted would read as follows: “Regular business meetings shall be held monthly on the second Sunday night of each month unless a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting in favor of rescheduling a specific monthly regular business meeting is obtained at a prior monthly regular business meeting. Any rescheduling of a regular business meeting shall require notice to the church membership by posting the date and time of the rescheduled business meeting in the weekly church bulletin for at least two consecutive weeks immediately preceding the rescheduled regular business meeting.”  On September 16ths Business Meeting there will be a vote on the proposed change (no discussion at that time).